Video Trailer 2—Valentin Tomberg: Enemy of Modern Progress?

Was Valentin Tomberg an Enemy of Modern Progress?

Sholud one participate in the Zeitgeist’s understanding of ‘modern progress’, well may one be forced to ask, if one stops to honestly listen to Tomberg’s controversial views in terms of the Zeitgeist. Views such as this:

The sickness of the West today is that it is more and more lacking creative elan. The Reformation, rationalism, the French revolution, materialistic faith of the nine- teenth century, and the Bolshevik revolution, show that everywhere mankind is turning away from the Virgin. The consequence of this is that the sources of creative spiritual elan are drying up, one after the other, and that an increasing aridity is showing up in all domains of the spiritual life of the West. It is said that the West is growing old. But why? Because it lacks creative elan, because it has turned away from the source of creative elan, because it has turned away from the Virgin.

Without virginity there is no springtime; there is neither freshness nor youth. For this reason, it is regrettable that most of the authors and doctors of contemporary occultism also side with the “dethroners” of the Virgin. Thus, they turn towards “scientism”, i.e. towards knowledge which unveils and undresses, and they turn away from wisdom . . . [Italics mine]

Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot, p. 292

Here are stern words of warning, not merely for modernity, but also esotericism . . .

Now, this is but a brief ninety eight second trailer—but it announces something big: the most ambitious video we have yet attempted on this channel: over three hours long and hundreds of hours in the making, hours of blood, sweat and tears . . .

To slightly adapt what I have written at YouTube:

This upcoming episode seems to me the most important one I’ve done yet. I am stammering, because I hardly know how to do more than stammer, before immense questions to do with Valentin Tomberg, Rudolf Steiner, Catholicism, Christendom and the Fate of the West.’

Topics here include:

* Valentin Tomberg

* Meditations on the Tarot

* Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

* The Anthroposophical subculture and the Catholic Church

And there is more on figures like: Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Sergei O. Prokofieff, Robert Spaemann, Benedict XVI, Findhorn, George Orwell, New Age dogma and the madness of materialism.

While the big three hour video must speak for itself, I do mean that it has taken hundreds of hours to pondering, praying, scripting, filming, editing—with countless graphics thrown in, as well. The result is something like a ‘homemade documentary’.

I do mean, too, that as far as I can see the Fate of the West hangs on the issues I start to stammer about in this immense effort and then continue in videos like this two hour follow-up:

Indebted to Tomberg . . .
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