Video: Catholic Fire and Holy Liturgy

As mentioned last time, the hope to revive this dormant website is still being checked. However, I am going to continue posting recent videos here, such as this:

I will also hastily mention that this video on Catholic Fire and Holy Liturgy is the first one to feature my beloved wife Kim, as well as co-blogger at this website.

So some may appreciate getting a more immediate impression of her. What she says in this video is better than anything that I say . . . truly the heart of this episode: ‘God is in my mouth’.

As she says:

I received the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in my mouth and when I received I was with this: ‘God is in my mouth. God is in my mouth’. That is unbelievable. God is in my mouth and God is in the mouth of every single person, who went up to receive Holy Communion. And if we really take that in, would we not be prostrate on the floor in awe?

And as I was thinking about this having received Holy Communion, I was thinking about reading Exodus from the Old Testament . . . when Moses goes up onto the mountain and is covered by a cloud, because he is going to meet the Almighty.

And he has to be covered because he cannot see God and God lays out in minute detail to him every single little part of how the priesthood is to practice and how each little part of the ritual needs to be: the making of the altar, the vessels, the candles, the vestments.

Each little thing is given in such detail by Almighty God to Moses . . . and he says to Moses that if one thing is got wrong by the priests they will surely die. Die it is that important that each thing is correct: correct material, correct color and then correct actions, gestures, motions, words spoken by the priests otherwise they will die . . .

Unsurprisingly, the gravity Kim expresses here has everything to do with what we both saying at this website, regarding the Latin Mass, the new liturgy and the catastrophe following Vatican II

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