A Humorous Interlude: Charles Coulombe on the New Age


Traditional Catholic Tiara

Mosaic of Papal Tiara in St. Peters. Photo courtesy of Fr. Lawrence Lew OP


Recently, I re-started writing a series at this weblog about secular dogmas and indeed crypto-secular religion.

That series will be continued at some point, but first, as I warned, there may be some detours.

And today I venture a humorous diversion, from the Papal Knight Charles A. Coulombe. For as I  recently said in my review of his latest work Star-Spangled Crown:

All the author’s work is pervaded by good humour. (Indeed he was once a stand-up comedian and there is real wittiness in what he writes, despite its underlying gravity.)

And not only that, but not so long ago, the good knight offered a Facebook satire of the New Age which both my beloved Kim and I found hilarious – truly laugh out loud funny stuff that still, months later, leaves me guffawing.

Now, perhaps, it will be something of an ‘in-joke’ that can only be fully appreciated when one has spent many, many years in contact with the New Age Movement – as Kim and I have. Otherwise you may not recognise that movement’s strange penchant for talking in complete gobbledygook – with, moreover, a  straight face – that is then taken for profundity.

But whether you find this little piece funny or not, it, alas, also speaks to my serious concerns at this blog: the substitution in the West – on an immense scale – of a vague, fuzzy and, at worst, completely empty-headed New Age spirituality for clear and intelligent Christian tradition.

Thus, one may be unsure whether it is proper for a Christian to weep or laugh. Perhaps both, if we are to be truly human …

Without further ado, then, from the good knight’s Facebook page:

You and I are messengers of the quantum matrix.

We exist, we grow, we are reborn. The goal of four-dimensional superstructures is to plant the seeds of wisdom rather than desire.

Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the galaxy via expanding wave functions.

Awareness is the driver of serenity. Nothing is impossible. Passion is a constant.

Reality has always been bursting with adventurers whose souls are enveloped in divinity. We are in the midst of a zero-point blossoming of joy that will remove the barriers to the universe itself. Who are we? Where on the great journey will we be reborn?

Yes, it is possible to destroy the things that can disrupt us, but not without knowledge on our side. You must take a stand against turbulence. Where there is stagnation, stardust cannot thrive.

We are being called to explore the multiverse itself as an interface between beauty and serenity.

To walk the myth is to become one with it. This life is nothing short of a maturing reimagining of zero-point chi. By refining, we vibrate.

Humankind has nothing to lose. Our conversations with other dreamweavers have led to a maturing of hyper-cosmic consciousness. We are at a crossroads of freedom and selfishness.

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  1. Blanchard
    Posted 20 October 2016 at 14:05 | Permalink
    • Posted 22 October 2016 at 14:21 | Permalink

      Blanchard – thank you. Have not looked at the link yet, but I should say that Charles did tell me he’d employed that. Perhaps I should have mentioned that. It diminishes none of its hilariousness, however – at least for me.

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