Yearning for the Traditional Latin Mass

St Pio at traditional Latin Mass
St. Pio of Pietrelcina celebrating the traditional Latin Mass

Why when I have so much, am I so unfulfilled?

I have a gorgeous husband and a beautiful step-daughter, both who I love dearly. I have a caring and loving family.

I live in a stunning place, with such fresh air and glorious scenery.

I am so grateful to be back in Ireland – Catholic Ireland –  where one breathes the Faith in the atmosphere. And where the prayers and piety, although dwindling, still lift the spirit.

My home is situated just across the road from a lovely chapel, where I can visit my Sweet Jesus at anytime I wish.

And I can see the outside wall of the Sanctuary, behind which lies our Lord in His Blessed Sacrament from my bedroom window.

I have friendly and helpful neighbours and our Priest is genuinely kind, reverent and special.

So, why when I have so much, am I so unfulfilled?

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The chapel just across the road lies mainly empty, for there are only two Masses a week. And these Masses do not fill me with the wonder that IS the Mass.

They do not touch me deep inside, for they are, in many ways, abstract and alien to my soul.

Whilst our Priest is very reverent and prayerful and the congregation is welcoming pious and lovely, the abstract nature of these Masses leaves me wanting.

For my soul yearns for the traditional Latin Mass.

The traditional Latin Mass, where one’s whole being is filled with wonder.

The traditional Latin Mass, where the Latin language is like balm and the prayers encircle the body, filling the mind with honour, reverence and praise of God.

The traditional Latin Mass, where the words chosen bring us to humbleness before our Lord, reminding us of how much we need Him to heal our souls, our minds, our bodies.

The traditional Latin Mass, where the materials and vestments fill our senses with passion.

And at High Mass, the incense and music send our spirits soaring to the Heavenly Abode.

I am very fortunate in so many ways, yet I hunger.

I hunger so much for that which is still so often denied us –  the traditional Latin Mass – Catholic spiritual practice that takes us, mind, body and spirit, directly to God, healing our souls.

Deep, rich healing – is this not what the Holy Mass is about?

As Our Lord appears upon our altars, should He not deserve the very best we can give Him?

This is not a community meal. This is His Holy Sacrifice for us, for our salvation. Does not this most sublime of mysteries, of gifts, deserve the very best?

It deserves Liturgy that is worthy of such a gift – Liturgy that heals the soul, the mind, the body.

Liturgy that by its very nature brings us directly to our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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2 responses to “Yearning for the Traditional Latin Mass”

  1. philip johnson Avatar

    i couldnt agree more.vat 11 ruined nearly everything.i am thinking of joining the latin mass society and going to mass at a sspx chapel.god bless. philip johnson.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Philip, thank you.

      It is so difficult now that we have two different forms of Mass, with two different Liturgical years, which lead to two different ways of practicing the Faith. Those of us whose hearts are with the Old way, suffer so deeply when we are denied it.

      And yet, the Church lies upon and is born out of the See of Peter. That is the rock upon which Christ built Her and the rock upon which she must remain, however difficult it is.

      Although I have been to many very beautiful Masses with the SSPX, my heart is with Rome.

      Roger and I supported the LMS whilst in England. They are well worth supporting.

      God bless, Kim