The Eucharistic Experiences (of Ida Peerdeman) – Book Review

The Eucharistic Experiences is a companion volume to The Messages of the Lady of All Nations – which we reviewed here.

This then, is a second volume concerned with the visionary experiences of Ida Peerdeman.

Whereas the first book concerns the period from 1945 to 1959, wherein Peerdeman reported being given messages by the Blessed Virgin under the title of the Lady of All Nations, this second book concerns the latter part of Peerdeman’s extraordinary visionary experience, from the 1960s through the 1980s.

During this period, Peerdeman generally no longer reported seeing the Lady of All Nations – although there is one striking exception, as indicated below.

However she continued at times to hear a voice she identified as the Lady’s, as well as another voice which appeared as that of Our Lord’s. These experiences continued over decades and usually happened to her during the Mass. Hence the title: Eucharistic Experiences.

As we indicated in our last review, certain traditionalists tend to distrust the experiences of the Dutch visionary Ida Peerdeman.

However, it is worthwhile noting that these later experiences offer much to lend support to the traditionalist cause.

Let us begin with Peerdaman’s experience of May 31, 1965  – the final year of Vatican II.

“Go to Pope Paul and tell him in the name of ‘the Lady of All Nations:’

“This is the last warning before the end of the Council.

The Church of Rome is in danger of a schism.

“Warn your priests. Let them put a stop to those false theories about the Eucharist, sacraments, doctrine, priesthood, marriage family-planning.

They are being led astray by the spirit of untruth – by Satan — and confused by the ideas of modernism. Divine teaching and laws are valid for all time and newly applicable to every period.

“Keep the primacy in your own hands. Grasp the meaning of these my words: the Church of Rome must remain the Church of Rome.

And throughout the years, Peerdeman will continue to experience much, very much that continues to lend support to the above. For example, we find the following from 25th March 1970.

About 5 o’ clock … we saw a procession moving towards the place where the Lady’s church is to be built …

Within a few minutes of lively conversation with my sisters, I suddenly saw the light descending over the whole area … It was as if heaven had opened.

At that moment, I heard the voice of the Lady.

I thought, “That’s impossible! for the Lady had told me that Her words would cease.”

So I was exceedingly moved to hear Her voice again. Has She perhaps made an exception for this celebration? Unfortunately, I did not see Her.

She spoke more quickly than usual and from emotion I did not repeat Her words aloud.

The Lady said … “Today you may once more hear My voice.”

She paused for a moment and then the voice continued, “I had wanted to bring an important and joyous message.—However, they have not listened.”

Then I saw streams flooding over the ground. It looked like a raging sea.

I heard, “The waves of degeneration, disaster and war, are engulfing the world ever more. Do not let yourselves be swept away by the flood-tides of spiritual confusion.”

And on 31st May 1970, Peerdaman reports from a vision during the Holy Mass:

The chalice meanwhile stood on the altar and I now saw that blood was streaming out of it. At the same time I heard the words,“They have reviled Me again.”

“They have nailed Me to the Cross anew.”

“Make atonement.”

And from 31st May 1972, the visionary reports:

A “Voice” that I had heard before said:“Your Doctrine is good. Why do you revile it? Go back, you priests, to your true doctrine.

Dear Reader, I would like now to make an interjection at this point. For we bring to any book we read a lifetime of former impressions, including from all that we have read before.

Now before saying much more regarding Ida Peerdeman’s experiences in the years after the Second Vatican Council, I should like to name my own impressions, my own background reading.

Because for years, I struggled to understand Vatican II and I made a point of reading thousands of pages of commentary both left and right. I read angry liberals who felt that the Council had not gone far enough towards reform. I read angry conservatives who felt that their religion had been betrayed and substituted with a new alien religion …

Many themes became ever clearer for me. One in particular was the liberal aversion to the Blessed Virgin. I saw how time and again, those on the left of the Church sought to downplay the Blessed Virgin.

I saw how Karl Rahner had run around the Council frenetically, trying to do everything in his power to downplay the Blessed Virgin, claiming ecumenical catastrophe would result were the tradition upheld,  claiming the Church’s tradition regarding the Virgin was incompatible with ‘a modern theological standpoint’ …

And I became ever more convinced that this liberal Church was dying and that its death was very, very related to its abandonment of the Blessed Virgin.

And it is with such impressions from my study of the Church’s crisis, that the following message from makes March 25th 1973 now makes very much sense indeed:

“The Spouse of the Lord was not sent to the earth for no purpose. Make Her known among the nations.

 Understand this well: Also the Lord stood in need of His Mother in order to at­tain to life.

 It is through the Mother that life comes.

 Hence She must be brought back into your churches and among the na­tions and you will witness the revival.”

Yes, it is through the Mother that life comes.

And my years of studying the terrible conflict of the Left and the Right in the Church in recent times, have also facilitated my appreciating a new theme that began appearing in Peerdeman’s visions from 1974 onwards.

For the visionary began to report imagery in her visions, which had very much to do with the Left and the Right.

And this vision from 8th September 1974 also points to the barrenness of the left hand path in the Church, the left hand way which would banish the Lady for ecumenical pretexts or other modern concerns.

On receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heavenly vision and noticed a deep heavenly silence. …

I saw two roads before me.

One road turned to the left and at its end was a deep black chasm or cavern.

The other road went straight on. The left road was overcrowded with all kinds of people and the road itself seemed to be black and black clouds hung over it.

“The Voice” sounded strongly: “You are going the wrong road, now it is still time to re­turn.”

People turned their heads as if they were listening to find out from where that “Voice” was speaking. But many people walked stubbornly straight on, head uplifted. Many others, however, turned round and came back.

“The Voice” spoke again:“Come and follow Me.”…

There was joy inside and I heard:“This is the Church, the Community opening.”…

And I heard:“The Lady also is there in all Her splendour and glory. She who was born and bore Me in her womb.”The Lady was inundated by the “Threefold Light” so that I could not see Her, but I could feel Her presence.

[The visionary hears]“Do you see what is lacking with you ? She, the Lady was not there. It has become an empty, bar­ren desert, bereft of its contents.Therefore I ask you: retrace your steps.

The Lady belongs there. If you consider it in that spirit, your Church will be reborn.”

Yes speaking very personally, as I struggled with the terrible conflict dividing the Church, Peerdeman’s experiences resonated ever more deeply.

Here is another experience she has during Holy Mass on 31st May 1975, which is particularly striking for those concerned with the problem of the Novus Ordo:

From the sky “the Voice” sounded as a call:“Look, what have they done with My flock?

Death and destruction!

This is My last warning.

Return to the true liturgy …

And on receiving communion on 8th December 1975, Ida Peerdaman reports from a vision, which again speaks to the division of the Church into left and right:

“Watch, what is happening, My faithful ones.”

Then heaven opened and a big sword came down.

The sword cut that church vertically in just two halves.

I saw these two halves widening from one another to become two open parts so that I could look inside. I saw people both in the right and in the left part …

“The Voice” spoke again:“Watch.”Now I found myself looking through a pane of glass to the left part of that church.

Water was running along the pane as if it all turned to water.

“The Voice” said: “Watch well, it will be watered down.”

Then I saw waves rushing down and the left part of the church was washed away.

The right part of the church was still standing in the plain and changed into a whole church before my eyes.

What is there to say? From my own studies of the crisis of the Church, this vision of 1975 speaks clearly.

For it becomes ever more clear that indeed the left part of the Church becomes washed away, it has no foundations, no strength to endure. As it becomes ever more liberal and protestantised, it dies the death of liberal protestant denominations everywhere …

And yet there is hope. For as the liberal church withers, we see a distinct movement to tradition resurging …

And despite the constant theme of darkness in Peerdeman’s visions of the Church, her visions also offer hope: The Church can be reborn.

As the visions progress, we begin to hear instructions to the Pope, as to what must be done to restore the Church:

I heard a noise as the cutting off at branches and I saw the grape­vines falling down one by one. It made a piercing, awful noise. Round about, I saw a huge ruin of churches.

I felt a terrible de­spondency, lassitude and, worst of all, emptiness in my heart.

I heard “the Voice” say in a plaintive tone:

“Matters have gone so far as that. Times repeat themselves again as it was in bygone days. But … follow Me.”

And again I stood before a white veil, which opened very slowly. And in front of me I saw the Vatican.

Everywhere small groups of sheep were wandering about idle in the Square. Sud­denly, the sheep changed into small groups of people and I felt that there was difference among these people. “The Voice” called in a plaintive tone:

“They are divided and dispersed.

You, My Supreme Pastor – Cephas,

I give you the power, bring back the flock into unity.

Don ‘t let them go astray.

Then peace and quiet will come back.”

And hope springs again on 2nd February 1977, where we find Ida Peerdeman again at Holy Mass:

I saw St. Peter’s. A huge spider wove a large cobweb which covered the whole front of St. Peter’s. Dark clouds were hanging in the sky and from these clouds “the Voice” called in an even more lamenting tone, as of a dying person:

“My sons, My sons! Why did you forsake Me?

My people, My people! Why did you forsake Me ?

Come back to your true doctrine, within the true Church.”

On hearing this I felt a great sadness in my heart. Then I real­ized that something was going on in the Vatican. I could not see what was happening …

All at once the cobweb disappeared from St. Peter’s and above in the sky I saw a beautiful rainbow with lustrous colours.

 And on 2nd February of the following year, we have yet another vision featuring left and right.

“The Voice” spoke: “Come, follow Me. Watch well and concentrate. I’ll take you to the Waters.”

I was standing in front of a large water or Lake. From “the Light” that was going ahead of me I saw an arm and hand emerg­ing.

This hand was stretched out over the Lake and divided the water into two parts, one to the right and one to the left side … I heard:

“Watch well”

At the same time, the water on the left-hand side of the path­way had changed into a large, muddy swamp. From the bank I saw crocodiles, snakes, vipers, and other reptiles creeping in.

They lifted their heads out of the swamp and it seemed as if they were swal­lowing up everything I saw disappearing in it: people, buildings and churches. All of it vanished into the depth of that swamp but for the small spires of a few church-towers, which here and there were sticking out …

“This is the scum. Thus it happened. But watch.”

And now I saw the right-hand part of the Lake with very clear, smoothly rippling water, like crystal. I heard “the Voice” saying:

“This is the water of the revival. Listen:

Like the Bride took Her Son to the Father, so you must take your little ones to HIM Who Is.

HE is the Beginning and the Cope-stone.”

After the words: “He is the Beginning and the Cope-stone,” I saw a church and a building rising from that water on the right side. They were St. Peter’s and the Vatican.

While seeing lips with a finger put across them, I heard “the Voice” saying in a suppressed tone:

“The strife and struggle for the True Doctrine is still going on.

Be careful, preserve it and don’t renounce it.”

And turning now to 15th August 1979:

Suddenly I saw the Vatican in front on me and I heard:

“You Cephas, My Peter, You will have to wage a fierce struggle. Yet you will persevere and do what has to be done to defend the True Doctrine. Be sure to insist on celibacy, for that is the strength of your Church. Remind your priests. They will have to co-operate in rebuilding the Church.”

We return to further imagery of left and right in a vision of 8th December, 1979. Those who have studied the John Paul II papacy in depth, should readily appreciate that it was around this time that the Pope began to act in regard to the worst abuses of the post Vatican II period. For example, it was around this time, that John Paul II suspended Hans Kung license to teach Catholic theology …

On receiving “Our Lord,” I had a heavenly vision. I was standing on a beach and saw a wild, stormy sea before me. There was a terrible gale and the waves were running very high. In the distance a fishing boat loomed up. I got afraid, for I realised that this boat was unable to make headway against the storm.

Gradually, the boat came nearer and I observed that it heeled to the left owing to the storm.

As the boat drew still closer, I saw to my astonishment that it was a Dutch fishing boat where our Holy Father, the Pope, was holding the helm and some Cardinals and Bishops were sitting.

The storm was very violent and I saw that the Pope had a lot of trouble, because the boat was tossed about in all directions.

Black, heavy clouds were hanging over the boat.

But, suddenly, a splendid beam of Light radiated down from the clouds and lighted the entire boat.

I heard “the Voice” calling from the sky and it sounded like a command:“Turn your helm to the right and hold it firmly,”

“The Voice” paused for a moment and continued:“Keep your course straight and you will safely reach the shore.”

And really, I saw “Our Pope” turning the helm to the right with all his strength and at once the storm died down and the sea was immediately quiet.

Now I saw the fishing boat coming to the beach in a straight line. The Pope, the Cardinals and the Bishops disembarked and, to my astonishment, the beach had turned into St. Peter’s Square and I clearly saw St. Peter’s and the Vatican before me.

On 6th January 1980, we find the following experience reported:

On receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision. A big, strong tree was standing in front of me. From ground-level grew a large, heavy side-branch, which spread forth into smaller branches.

Suddenly, I saw someone approaching rapidly with other men following. The group stopped near the tree, and I saw clearly that it was our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II ac­companied by some Cardinals on either side. The Holy Father looked at the tree with deep concern. He raised his head and I heard Him say: “My Lord, what am I to do?”

Immediately, a very strong “Light” came from the sky over the Holy Father, and I heard “the Voice” say:“My Cephas, you have called unto Me…listen. Remove that side-branch from the tree, for you will find that there already was destruction in the roots of this branch. It has been infested by the worms of death.”

Then I heard the Holy Father ask:“But My Lord, how can I manage that?”

“The Voice” answered:“I shall help you, look…”

And I saw a powerful flash of lightning, followed by a terrible thunderbolt, which struck that side-branch and severed it from the tree. With a heavy crash the side-branch fell on the ground just before the feet of the Holy Father and the Cardinals. Small and bigger branches which had fallen off that tall side-branch lay scat­tered everywhere. I heard “the Voice” speaking again:“Take up this side-branch and see how it is worm-eaten. Have a good look at it.”

I saw how the Holy Father and the Cardinals did their utmost in lifting the heavy side-branch. Worms were creeping out of it. In the bark of the branch I saw the letter N carved and behind it Human­ism – Marxism – Modernism. Then the branch turned into a coffin and on that coffin I saw the letter S twice and some other letters.

“The Voice” spoke:“Do you see the destruction ? Now things are going to be all right, for the tree can flourish again and bear rich fruit.”…

I heard “the Voice” calling all over the Square:“My people, you must implore the Father. Ask HIM for good Apostles, priests…and the Church of Rome will regain its strength.”

On 25th May 1980, the visionary heard the voice pleading with the Pope to restrain the chaos with doctrine. Those who have studied the following years, wherein John Paul II appointed Joseph Ratzinger to head the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, will see that steps at least were taken in this direction (Steps at least compared to the utter chaos which had prevailed under Paul VI. The chaos is of course far from over.)

When I received Holy Communion, I saw a heavenly vision and heard “the Voice” say: “Come, follow Me and convey My Message to him for whom it is meant.”

Then right away I stood in St. Peter’s Square and I saw and heard a terrible storm coming over St. Peter’s and the Vatican. … All at once, the rain over the Vatican transformed into letters, first the letter V appeared and one by one other letters followed, until I could read:“Vatican II.”I felt as if there came a clip on my lips and heard:“My Peter, look what has happened.”

The person dressed in white on the steps of St. Peter’s turned round and I now saw that he was our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.

He looked up as if listening, while these words were spoken, and “the Voice” continued: “Watch carefully.”

A large map unrolled before us. Some countries I could dis­tinctly see: the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium, but other countries I saw as in a haze. Then the map was folded again and suddenly turned into a large prairie. A flock of sheep was graz­ing there peacefully. Then I heard the clattering sound of hoofs approaching. A great number of white and black horses came gal­loping along.

They scattered the flock and chased the sheep, which were thrown into complete confusion. The Holy Father, too, was watching very attentively.

From the sky “the Voice” shouted:“Look what has happened. They have bolted like savage horses and are driving My flock to despair. You, Peter, must restrain them with ‘the Doctrine’ which is and will always remain.”

These last words: “which is and will always remain” were heard echoing three times all over St. Peter’s Square.

“The Voice” spoke:“Look where it began”“The Voice” paused a moment and continued:“Beware of the wolves, My Peter, they come to you concealed in a sheepskin. Go through with your Shepherd’s Crook.”Now I saw the Holy Father, head bowed, going back to the Vatican. Then everything faded away from my view …

As we draw to a close now, let us consider one last very striking account from the end of the book. Herein the visionary Peerdeman reports an event that is unlike any she has had since 1959, the final time the Lady of All Nations had appeared to her …


During Holy Mass at the Offertory, I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priest.

After the Consecration it spread slowly over all those present.I had a feeling as if that “Light” were completely penetrating me and I heard “the Voice; say:“The Light will enlighten you.”

After the “Agnus Dei” I suddenly saw “the Lady of All Na­tions” standing between the Altar and the Tabernacle. She was beaming with “Light”.

I saw Her as in those days when She was giving me Her Messages, but this time without the Cross, sheep and globe.

I could hardly believe my eyes, but “the Lady” began to speak and I heard clearly:“Do you understand now for what purpose I did come?”

She paused for a moment and continued:“The moral decline in the Church and in the World is in full progress. The disasters in the Church and in the World are coming about, and the wars are still going on.”

She paused again and resumed:“My Lord sent Me to warn them of all this, but they did not listen.”

Then “the Lady” turned towards the Tabernacle and pointed to it with Her right hand, saying:“Tell your Supreme Pastor that I will take them to Him. Through Me to HIM. But they must repent. The Eucharist still exists.”

She looked at me and said:“Be comforted, your sacrifice has been accepted.”Then everything faded out of sight.

So, so much might be said in regard to this final Apparition. In the visionary experiences above, hope is offered for the future of the Church – IF the Papacy will take action.

Here the visionary experiences the Blessed Virgin return with these words: “The moral decline in the Church and in the World is in full progress.”

And yet also: “The Eucharist still exists.”

Dear Reader, I would like to emphasise these last words …

For I understand all too well, the concern of certain Catholic Traditionalists that the Eucharist has been compromised by all the forces of havoc summarised above.

Yet for myself, I trust with the weeping virgin that “the Eucharist still exists” …

Yes, so much more might be said. And we expect to be saying much more at this website, in time. For now dear Reader, we must adjourn. And I will simply leave you with this last fragment from 1980:

I received the Sacred Host, which began living on my tongue, while I heard:

“Thus…I want to be brought among mankind, from the hands of ordained priests.”

“Ordained priests” was said with strong emphasis.

For those who would like to buy this book, a version can be found at Amazon here. However, strangely this book does not contain the entirety of the Eucharistic Experiences – but only those from 1970 onwards.

Alternatively, the entire messages can be found online here.

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