Coming Home: From the New Age to Catholicism

In the summer of 1998, four years after I began work at the New Age centre in Cambridge, Roger and I were in Switzerland.

Although Roger had already converted to Christianity, I had virtually no interest in it. In fact, I was pretty much opposed to Christianity, in particular to the institution of the Church.

I knew nothing about Catholicism and certainly not about the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Our Lord and Our Lady.

So, what happened to me in Switzerland that summer, came completely out of the blue. And has changed my life forever.

It began in a small chapel in Brunnen, central Switzerland.

When I entered this chapel, I was struck by a large painting, which hung above the altar. The painting was of a woman, holding a church.

I did not know what this image meant, but it held my gaze for some time.

I then sat at the back of the chapel. As I fell into silence, I felt something from that image come to life, caressing me like a mother would caress a child.

It is extremely difficult to explain the unexplainable. The best I can do is say that in some way, I felt embraced by the image of the Lady holding the Church. It was very beautiful.

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Some days later, whilst climbing an alpine mountainside, I came upon a tiny, whitewashed chapel, with only one long kneeler.

It was there that everything changed for me. I knelt in front of the makeshift altar. There were two paintings. To the left, one of Mary and to the right, Jesus, their Hearts exposed.

I found my gaze drawn to the Heart of Jesus. It was as though He was pulling me in. I knew somehow, that His Heart was my home.

I felt transported into this knowing. A deep, deep knowing that His Heart was my home, is my home. A similar experience occurred with the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, yet it was faint in comparison.

I wept in that tiny chapel.

I wept because I had come home to the Hearts of Our Lord and Our Lady. I wept because I had come home to the Church.

I wept, because I had come home.

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