Cor Jesu, Láncea Perforátum

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There are many themes and aspects to the faith, I want to explore here—centred around the mysteries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady and Her Rosary, Holy Mass, Holy Mother Church and far more.

First of all, I will present something I wrote about the particular line from the litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Cor Jesu, láncea perforátum: Heart of Jesus, pierced with a lance….

Many of the images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, depict His fifth wound pierced by the lance.

This wound is often seen to be bleeding drops of blood. I see these drops of blood, like tears falling from His Heart.

This wound to His Most Sacred Heart, speaks of that which occurred on the cross. It speaks not only of the piercing of the lance. It also speaks of His total sacrifice at Calvary.

That through the agony and pain Jesus suffered on the cross,

His love, forgiveness and mercy flowed.

That He suffered this agony and pain for us,

Because He felt so deeply for our suffering.

That Our Lord Jesus Christ felt the tragedy of the world so profoundly,

That through the will of the Father,

He gave us Himself.

He gave us His Body,

He gave us His Blood,

He gave us His mercy,

He gave us His Love.

And through all of these, He gave us True Life, through the sacrifice of His own.

And every day He gives us these most precious gifts through the sacrifice of the Mass.

And every day His Sacred Heart bleeds tears of blood for the tragedy we continue to live in.

His Most Sacred Heart cries, as we continue to turn away from Him towards a world of destruction.

These things come to me, as I ponder the fifth wound, that to the Heart of Jesus with a lance.

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