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The Weeping Virgin of La Salette – who is so deeply expressive of Tridentine Catholicism …

The Devotion to the Sacred Heart can be considered as the pre-eminent Cult of the era of Tridentine Catholicism.

By this, we mean the era in which the Catholic Church can be most actively seen charting a different course from the trajectory of the Protestant and secular currents transforming the Western world. Tridentine Catholicism has often been derided as having a “siege mentality” against “progress”. Our view is different – this is a Church, which is most acutely aware of the danger of the world falling into ever greater materialistic decadence. In this Archive of Tridentine Catholicism we hope to present writings mainly from the past and out-of-copyright which can illumine this often mocked and misunderstood era. Here is an initial selection:

Tridentine Catholicism Timeline


St Margaret Mary and the Origins of the Cult of the Sacred Heart


On St. Claude La Colombiere


Valentin Tomberg on the Sacred Heart


Religion and the Romantic Movement (Christopher Dawson)


The Apparitions of Our Lady of Laus


The Great Nineteenth (by Gary Potter)


Dom Prosper Guéranger and the Catholic Counter Revolution (by Gary Potter)


St. Catherine Labouré and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal


Mélanie Calvat and Our Lady of La Salette – Part I: The Apparition  /  Part II: Maximin Giraud meets the Curé d’Ars  /  Part III – The Secrets of La Salette  /   Part IV – The Fate of Maximin Giraud  


The Story of St. Bernadette and Lourdes – in 10 Parts:


Pontmain and Our Lady of Hope Part I – The Blessed Virgin Appears in the Night Sky  /  Part II – The Blessed Virgin Brings a Message to Catholic FrancePart III – A Crucifix the Colour of Arterial Blood / 


Devotion to the Sacred Heart in Catholic Ireland


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