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The Pope on Ecological “Catastrophe … The Church is often the Only Hope”

January 2011 Amendment: The following entry was originally written under a slight misapprehension as to the Holy Father’s words. In a British print journal, I had read the Pope say that in terms of the global climate crisis: The Church is the only hope. The quote had been taken from Light of the World – […]

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What Josephin Péladan WANTED

  Here are further extracts from my upcoming book, Cor Jesu Sacratissimum: From Materialism and the New Age to the Catholic Mystery. It is perhaps worth mentioning that this is taken from a chapter that focuses on desire: on what people want. The chapter tries to evoke how desire is collectively channelled through different collective […]

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Marian Apparitions, the Bible and the Modern World – Donal Anthony Foley (Review)

Here is a masterful account of Marian Apparitions in the Modern Age. For Our Lady is clearly seen to be weeping, weeping for the modern world …

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The Death Cult Progeny of the Enlightenment III

  At the end of preceding segment, I turned to the subject of hope. For I share a world with many who are losing hope as to the sustainability of our present civilisation. And as I have written earlier in this little series, I myself have little hope in the prospects of creating an ultimately […]

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When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten (Review)

A Great Tree Trunk for understanding Corporate Control and the Idols of Modern Secular Civilisation.

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The Death Cult Progeny of the Enlightenment

Is the only means for saving human civilisation through the restoration of the lost authority of the Church? Is the only means of restoring the lost authority of the Church through the undoing of so, so much that happened in the wake of Vatican II? Whatever the merit of these questions and however bizarre they […]

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Unfinished Personal/Global Musings IV (Valentin Tomberg on False Hierarchy)

I no longer recall my exact words of course. But the essence of the conversation remains engraved on my mind. It was a warm, sunny Spring day in France. People in shirt sleeves were frolicking in the shine. But it was too warm, too pleasant. It was too early in the Spring. My beloved turned […]

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Unfinished Personal/Global Musings III (Valentin Tomberg on Law and the Goddess Economy)

What kind of civilisation is it, that could result in the most unimaginable scale of loss as that suggested by Global Warming? Is it arguably not a civilisation which has placed certain goods – or gods – above all else? For example, the exterior good of scientific progress over and above the interior good of […]

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Unfinished Personal/Global Musings II (Valentin Tomberg on Disintegration – Death)

My last web entry tried to introduce the personal context within which I try to grapple with Global Warming. It is the context, as I said, of a practising Catholic aspiring to deep, regular Sacramental Communion. It is also that of ongoing study of Catholic Tradition and the history of the transition from a Western […]

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Unfinished Personal/Global Musings Part I (Introduction)

Authority … one has authority or competence to speak about something the more consciously and fully one has experienced it. In writing of things New Age for example, I feel a certain degree of confidence, given that I have had long, intimate involvement with this phenomena. I completely identified with the New Age movement for […]

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The Predators – Why are They Lying to My Child?!

The horror of consumerism. How asleep we are to the predators that are lying to our children …

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Look at Me! Buy Me! Buy Me! Buy Me!

Pray for us fallen marketers. With gratitude to Bellator Dei for graphic. Some Personal/Global observations … Those following this website may have noticed a difference by now: the appearance of Amazon advertising in a project that expresses its concerns, grave concerns, about the rise of global materialism and global capitalism. For my own part, what […]

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The Moral Oxygen of Valentin Tomberg

Starting to speak of the Catholic Jurisprudence of Valentin Tomberg …

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Behind the French Meditations of a Catholic Hermeticist

A fragmentary, very personal piece about the Catholic Hermeticist Valentin Tomberg, Catholic France, the Sacred Heart, the Da Vinci Code, secret societies, global capitalism and more …

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