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A Video on My Life at Findhorn and Other Things

A video from Roger Buck, a former member of the New Age community of Findhorn in Scotland. Buck not only talks about his life there, but also about Findhorn’s origins and founding figures including Peter Caddy and David Spangler and the Eastern esoteric Theosophy of Blavatsky that so influenced them.

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In Persona Christi

Through the Sacrament of Ordination, Christ acts through His priests and here is why the experience of receiving from Eucharistic Ministers at Holy Communion may be unsettling.

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A Little Video on the Life and Times of Hilaire Belloc

Here is a little video on the life and times of the great Hilaire Belloc, alongside some further personal (written) reflections on the enormous depths of his legacy.

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Progressive Pathology, Hilaire Belloc and the Catholic Mystery (Video)

Here is a post and video regarding the great Hilaire Belloc, both prophet of the progressive pathology we witness today and defender of the only answer to address it: the Catholic Mystery.

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Of New Age Gnostics – and Galactic Lizards!

Video from a Catholic convert from the New Age and former member of Findhorn who describes the New Age in terms of modern-day Gnosticism …

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