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On Mélanie Calvat: Sr Mary of the Cross: Shepherdess of La Salette by Fr Paul Gouin (Review)

A haunting biography of Mélanie Calvat, shepherdess of La Salette.

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Mélanie Calvat and Our Lady of La Salette Part III – The Secrets of La Salette

Introductory Remarks:  This is part of a series of entries at this site telling the story of Mélanie Calvat and Our Lady of La Salette. Here are the parts so far:  Part 1 The Apparition  Part 2  Maximin Giraud meets the Curé d’Ars Part 3 The Secrets of La Salette Part 4 The Fate of Maximin Giraud There […]

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The Story of St. Bernadette and Lourdes – Part I: The First Apparitions

This is the first instalment in a masterful, detailed and well-researched 1904 account of the story of St. Bernadette, Lourdes and the Marian Apparitions there.

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The Eucharistic Experiences (of Ida Peerdeman) – Book Review

Review of the Eucharistic Experiences of Ida Peerdeman.

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On Degeneration, Disaster and War: Valentin Tomberg and the Lady of All Nations

“Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.” So runs the second petition of a prayer, which – according to reports already available in the 1950s – had issued forth from Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in the Netherlands. Degeneration, disaster, war – […]

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The Messages of the Lady of All Nations (Review)

What we have here are reports – reports of Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin by a visionary Ida Peerdaman, from 1945-1959 in the Netherlands. And throughout the centuries, there are a vast, vast number of such reports, the great majority of which are never approved by the Catholic Church – or indeed singularly condemned. Amidst […]

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