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A Brush with Evil

Not so long ago, I shook a man’s hand. He was a man I barely knew. All looked ordinary, “normal” with him. I would never have guessed that something was seriously amiss. Yesterday I learned that he had stabbed his partner to death. And then he took the knife to himself. They both had children […]

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On the Sacred Heart, the Crisis of Catholic Tradition and the New Age Movement

A traditional Catholic looks at the Crisis of the Church, modern materialism and the New Age movement.

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On this Traditional Catholic Website devoted to His Most Sacred Heart

An attempt to describe this unusual, yet traditional Catholic website dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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The Life of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque by Emile Bougaud (Review)

Bougaud’s Life of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque offers not only the life of the Saint – but so much more about the Sacred Heart and Catholic France.

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