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Holy Mother Church

Feminists: Holy Mother Church is feminine …

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Valentin Tomberg: One Must Have Courage to Recognise the Fatal Tree

Tomberg: Only one part of divided humanity … remained loyal to this common conception of the world, however and continues to maintain it across the globe: It is the Catholic Church, as the sole carrier and caretaker of Christianity´s tradition in the present and as the most universal representative of humanity’s Christian ideals today.

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Stunning New Vistas – Valentin Tomberg’s Catholic Jurisprudence

On the Catholic Jurisprudence of Valentin Tomberg …

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The Moral Oxygen of Valentin Tomberg

Starting to speak of the Catholic Jurisprudence of Valentin Tomberg …

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The Ratzinger Report – Joseph Ratzinger, Vittorio Messori (Review)

Before becoming Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger gave a remarkable interview published as The Ratzinger Report. Therein he said some striking things of the crisis in the Church, some of which are featured here …

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Valentin Tomberg on “A Special Intervention from Heaven …”

    Dear Friends, known and unknown, I continue to feel need for a time of contemplation, before resuming this weblog “properly”. In the meantime, I will just note I have recently published here a key article for me, foreshadowing certain themes I hope to explore further at this site, including those to do with […]

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Behind the French Meditations of a Catholic Hermeticist

A fragmentary, very personal piece about the Catholic Hermeticist Valentin Tomberg, Catholic France, the Sacred Heart, the Da Vinci Code, secret societies, global capitalism and more …

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Conserving Catholic Tradition

World materialism and the need to conserve Catholic tradition

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