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The Splendor of Faith by Avery Dulles (Review)

This book can begin to render visible the enormous scope of the Mission of John Paul. But only begin …

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Welcome Home – From the New Age to Catholicism

As Roger has mentioned in his weblog, we have been staying with family in southern Spain. Although there is a strong Catholic community here amongst the native Spanish people, the ex-patriate Brits, of whom there are many, tend to be drawn to the New Age. Our family is involved in this New Age way. So […]

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Mother Angelica by Raymond Arroyo (Review)

An Important Story about Saving the Tradition.

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One of Us

    Below is an extract from my book in preparation: Cor Jesu Sacratissimum. I am still contemplating the direction this weblog should take and it may be that other areas of this site continue to be the most frequently updated – i.e. Kim’s weblog, the reviews and I hope soon the articles. One of […]

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Meditations on the Tarot – Anonymous (with an Afterword by Hans Urs von Balthasar) (Book Review)

The astonishing Meditations on the Tarot has been a major inspiration for this website …

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The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene (Review)

A short unusual review of that heartbreaking, beautiful Catholic Masterpiece of Grahame Greene: The Power and the Glory.

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France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart by Raymond Jonas (Review)

Catholic France and the Lost Dream of a Sacred Civilisation – a review of France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart by Raymond Jonas

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Coming Home: From the New Age to Catholicism

From the New Age to Catholicism – a New Ager finds the Sacred Heart of Jesus and comes home.

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Where Have I Come From? A Touch of Biography …

The next few entries will focus on my conversion to Catholicism. This will be expressed very much through my experiences of the Church as ‘homecoming’. A theme that lives with me daily. But first of all, here is a touch of biography to give a small glimpse at my life before I came to the […]

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A Foretaste of Things to Come …

Just a little placeholder and foretaste of things to come at this website. I am struggling a bit with this weblog. It seems to me it needs to be birthed from a place of real contemplation – and not say, descend into ranting about the New Age movement. From this place of contemplation, it seems I need […]

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Windswept House: A Vatican Novel by Malachi Martin (Review)

A Shocking, Disturbing Book with Real Keys to understanding the Crisis of the Church.

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Weak and Dependent – and No Longer a New Ager …

On being weak and dependent – from a Catholic convert, who was once a New Ager from Findhorn, but is no longer …

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Salt of the Earth by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Review)

Reviewed – Salt of the Earth: A Remarkable Book by a Remarkable Lover of Humanity – Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI

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New Age Values

Today, I want to continue with the question of what kind of values tend to flow from the New Age Religion and Catholicism. Now I am posting under pressure today, dear Reader. And rather than write a new entry, I thought I would mainly share material taken from the first rough draft of the book […]

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The “Benevolent” Burial of Christianity

Gratitude to Bellator Dei for graphic. This weblog received a very interesting comment to the last entry, from my “known friend”, John. My friend’s response, I thought, raised a number of important issues and questions – both explicitly and implicitly. I have wondered if John is implicitly asking something, when he observes that New Age […]

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