Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg and Outraging Modern Sensibilities


Dear Readers, I wish you all a Blessed New Year.

Now, this will not be so much a usual entry.

Instead, it is more a pointer to a very long comment that I have posted concerning Valentin Tomberg here.

If this link should not take you directly to this very long comment, you will simply need to scroll down the page until you come to the fifth comment there from myself.

Here, for now, are just some little snippets from something much longer with regard to Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg:

Our sin is invariably serious, perhaps even – beyond the THRESHOLD of what we can bare in consciousness – invariably horrendous from this perspective.

Steiner may not have spoken so much in traditional terms, but his consciousness of what lay beyond the threshold led him to an acutely poignant awareness, I believe, of the Fall and the Chaos wreaked …

But with his conversion to the Faith, Valentin Tomberg immediately did begin to speak in such traditional language.

This is very evident in his law theses. He invokes for example the term “mortal sin”, no doubt deeply conscious of what that traditional theological term implies.

Later, he will speak of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Sallus …

Anthroposophists are still aghast 70 years later.

Now I am certainly aware that much in Tomberg´s writing lends itself to different interpretations of this complex, vast multifaceted field. I cannot engage all sides here. For now I merely want to draw attention to Tomberg consciously invoking these very traditional Catholic concepts …

The law books go even further in an extremely traditional direction. They justify political and apparently even military action to save Christianity (!)

It might be asked why I have decided to post this material regarding Valentin Tomberg in a comment box rather than at my weblog.

The main reason is at least indicated there. But I think it bears repeating: I want to allow myself freedom in these comment boxes to be faster, more spontaneous, more “off the-cuff” than the more considered entries I post here.

As I say, this brings with it a certain CAVEAT that, in my view, the material in the comments boxes is initial, less careful and thought through and more open to revision than what I say in my weblog.

And as my title implies, I am painfully aware of the capacity for these comments to completely outrage modern sensibilities …

What can be said? It seems to me that we face an ever deteriorating biosphere, deteriorating because of a globalist, dehumanising, capitalist culture spinning out of control.

And that in all my years, I have found few Catholics as morally lucid as Valentin Tomberg with regard to the roots of the immensity of this world tragedy and how to best address it …


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  1. Michèle
    Posted 11 February 2010 at 08:24 | Permalink

    Now 8 o’clock of the Epiphany’s feast, in the last hours of the great DAY of Christmas made of 12 days and 13 nights, is time to come and remember to you my dear Kim and Roger that your friend Michèle from Italy continues to actively pray for you … for your mission on the web … for this site and also for Edwin Shendelman and for Peter Kelley that I have read with enthusiasm.

    I continue to live, to feel and to think in a total harmony with what goes through your dialogues and through your sentiments in this site of the Sacred Heart of our Saviour.

    In Medjugorge, Mary continues to repeat that IN THESE DAYS (since January 2000) “all the demons are out, and have been freed in the world” this affirmation is crystal clear and confirm that the danger is real that Christianity could sink under the attack. Precisely because ONLY Christ can preserve us from evil…. He came for that. Only His name: so only His Church has the power to overcome Satan who is of divine origin and much stronger than the human being alone.

    Your work on that site is of paramount importance … you must know that others are working in the same direction.

    I hope that this mail will arrive to you … for the new year I will continue to read you … and more.


  2. roger
    Posted 11 February 2010 at 08:49 | Permalink


    It is so good to hear from you! I am sorry that a real snarl-up prevented me from accessing this weeks-old message till now.

    I too have enthusiasm for Edwin´s and Peter´s messages here. I am grateful to you and everyone else commenting.

    Yes Christianity is under attack and truly it could sink. Sink under an Eastern monistic spirituality and a Western materialism. Things I know you are very profoundly with.

    Thank you for your belief and support for our work on this site. I pray it will develop more. Really this site feels like the commencement of my true life´s work and I appreciate all prayers and support in the difficult circumstances this site is being birthed in.

    On that note it occurs to me to mention that one form of support we would appreciate from anyone reading this is the creation of LINKS to this site, for those for whom this is easy or possible.

    Again forgive this terrible delay, dear Known Friend. I shall be in touch soon …

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