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On Christendom — and Europe and the Faith by Hilaire Belloc

First part of an introduction to Hilaire Belloc’s classic text Europe and the Faith, broken down into sections with long passages quoted.

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Life of Pope Pius IX – Ch 4: Conspiracy, War and Revolution

This fourth chapter of the Life of Pope Pius IX examines his early papacy – in a Christendom, besieged by conspiracy, war and revolution.

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Catholicism and Secularism: Two Different Creeds

Although cultural denial is rife, Catholicism and Secularism form two opposed creeds in our society. Seeing this clearly helps us better understand the Dictatorship of Relativism, as Benedict XVI has called it – as well as Anti-Catholicism.

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The Enduring Persistence of Anti-Catholicism

Reflections on the enduring persistence of Anti-Catholicism, the inheritance of centuries of repression.

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