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The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (an Overview by Charles A. Coulombe – Reviewed)

Charles A. Coulombe provides a stunning overview of the the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI.

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Hilaire Belloc: Economics for Helen (Review)

While Hilaire Belloc’s Economics for Helen is for the most part hardly original – it remains an inspired text, relevant for understanding Belloc’s Distributism.

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On Old Thunder – Joseph Pearce’s Life of Hilaire Belloc (Review)

Joseph Pearce offers a rich, colourful life of Hilaire Belloc, which, oddly, sometimes fails to get to the core of Belloc’s very raison d’être.

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The Letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque – Book Review

Considering the love and passion in the 142 letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque …

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Sacred Heart: Gateway to God by Wendy M. Wright (Book Review)

Wendy M. Wright offers an introduction to the Catholic tradition of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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A Film on Our Lady of Fatima – The 13th Day (Review)

This is a much needed, very important film about Fatima and the 1917 Apparitions of Our Lady – with beautiful photography.

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The Popes Against Modern Errors – a ‘Review’

The Popes Against Modern Errors – not so much a review, but a little notice of my appreciation for this poignant reminder of how counter-cultural the Catholic Church really was …

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Fatima The Great Sign by Francis Johnston

  Let me begin with a few words I have written elsewhere at this site: There is a truly staggering  – and relatively very recent – phenomenon within the history of the Church, which it seems to me is never given sufficient attention. It is Fatima. How I ask myself, can so many people ignore […]

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The Sacred Heart and Sr. Josefa Menendez: The Way of Divine Love (Review)

The Sacred Heart speaks to Sr. Josefa Menendez in the extraordinary Way of Divine Love. A few notes at this website devoted to the Sacred Heart.

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Review: Catholics Britain’s Largest Minority by Dennis Sewell

Small review of an admirable, insightful book from Dennis Sewell: Catholics Britain’s Largest Minority.

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Encyclopedia of Catholic Devotions and Practices by Ann Ball

    Where do I begin? For it is always hard to review a book one hasn’t read! Yet one doesn’t really a book like this, which forms a comprehensive encyclopedia of Catholic devotions and practices. Instead, one learns from it over a lifetime, dipping in again and again … Yet even if I cannot write […]

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Hilaire Belloc: Survivals and New Arrivals (Review)

Hilaire Belloc was a prophet. His book Survivals and New Arrivals remains very relevant today in regards the threats to Catholicism.

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Catholic and French Forever – Joseph Byrnes

Some brief remarks on Catholic and French Forever by Joseph Byrnes

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On Mélanie Calvat: Sr Mary of the Cross: Shepherdess of La Salette by Fr Paul Gouin (Review)

A haunting biography of Mélanie Calvat, shepherdess of La Salette.

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The Eucharistic Experiences (of Ida Peerdeman) – Book Review

Review of the Eucharistic Experiences of Ida Peerdeman.

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The Messages of the Lady of All Nations (Review)

What we have here are reports – reports of Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin by a visionary Ida Peerdaman, from 1945-1959 in the Netherlands. And throughout the centuries, there are a vast, vast number of such reports, the great majority of which are never approved by the Catholic Church – or indeed singularly condemned. Amidst […]

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Timothy T. O’Donnell: Swords Around the Cross (Review)

Ireland, O Ireland! Here is a fine book about Catholic Ireland, the Catholic Faith and Christendom – from Timothy T. O’Donnell of Christendom College.

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On Dechristianisation: Priests, Prelates and People – Nicholas Atkin and Frank Tallett (Review)

Nicholas Atkin and Frank Tallett write a well-rearched, but flawed account of Catholicism since 1750. It contains a sobering account indeed of the de-Christianisation of Europe.

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A Primer for Catholic Theology: The Christian Theological Tradition by Cory and Hollerich

  I am really very fond of this book – although it is not as traditional as most of the books I now praise at this site and I first it read during a time when I was much less traditionally Catholic than I am today. Still, this American college textbook is the best beginner’s […]

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Pope St Pius X by F.A. Forbes (Review)

A slim volume about the life and times of the beautiful St. Pope Pius X is helpful as a simple introduction to this great Saint – but it may leave one hungry for more.

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