Warm Gratitude, a Global Link – and a Hardcover!


Catholic-Traditionalist-gentleJust a very personal little notice to say a few things.

First, I am very, very grateful for all the supportive, deeply encouraging responses I have received from many of you regarding my book. (Both private and public – the latter being mainly on various forums both in and beyond Facebook.)

All of this without reading the book!

The book unexpectedly came out Friday, but I don’t know if anyone even has a copy yet (I myself don’t!).

Thus, I am touched indeed by your ‘votes of confidence’. I pray the book proves worthy of them and worthy of its goal.

In a nutshell, that goal is to explain and defend Catholic tradition, amidst the immense Secular (and New Age) confusion being generated today, in a popular, easily accessible format. That format is part a romantic novel, part a theological dialogue.

Or at the risk of sounding insufferably, cringe-inducingly pompous, I received an advertising email from my publisher this morning which has this:

For all Catholics — devout, lukewarm, or fallen-away — and indeed for all unbelievers as well, Roger Buck’s new book
is one of the most gently persuasive and compelling cases for the Church and the Catholic faith you will ever read.

Beyond that, it’s also a book about Catholic Ireland, although it is relevant, I pray, to every Western culture now being swamped  the ’New Secular Religion’ (as one character in my book calls it).

Beyond my gratitude, just two small announcements.

First, the old Amazon links for the book have been replaced. That is, they’re used to be separate links for Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

Instead, we now have a global link for Amazon worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, clicking the ads and/or buttons for the book will take you to your nearest Amazon (e.g. Latin America clicks should redirect to Amazon Brazil or Amazon Mexico).

Once again, Kim and I are grateful if you can go through our links to Amazon. That way, we get an additional commission, which we can surely use! Thanks!

Finally, I have been slightly stunned that a clothbound edition of the book has also been released at £10.15, $24.95,or €30.33!

So that is another option for those of you who like hardbacks and can easily afford them! (Sales of this will also obviously benefit both us as well as the fine Angelico Press even more.)

Thus, I’ve created a global Amazon button to buy the hardcover …

To buy The Gentle Traditionalist in hardback click here:


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