This Christmas …


This Christmas day, Kim and I had intended to post rather more.

But it’s not worked out that way.

And now, rather than actively blog, Kim and I need to retreat for a little bit. For year upon year, we find that these next twelve days are filled with incredible potential in terms of silence and prayer.

And we need this special time, for there are many things we are struggling and suffering with.

My main impulse right now, dear Reader, is to say that – if you are also struggling and suffering like us – there is a very special light that can bring truly astonishing grace each year at this time.

It is only since I became Catholic that I clearly recognise this light – but I do, year after year, now.

And I do think that Confession, as Kim indicated in her last weblog, and daily participation in the Holy Mass can greatly serve to open one’s soul to this very beautiful and angelic light that spreads out across the earth once a year, across the next twelve days …

I say this for those who suffer, those who struggle. This is a time of special hope. And if you are a Catholic, frequent or daily participation in the Holy Sacraments can work wonders, at this time especially, I think.

As J.R.R. Tolkien once said regarding Holy Communion:

Frequency is of the highest effect. Seven times a week is more nourishing than seven times at intervals.

(There is more from Tolkien about this here.)

And so we will probably post very little, if anything, over these next twelve holy days. We need to breathe in their wonder.

And we pray that you can too, dear Reader …

PS. In a Christmas post from a previous year, there is more which can illumine what I mean by the very special potential of this time …

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