Google and Me: An SEO Appeal


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by BellatorDei

Dear Readers of our Website,

I want to make an appeal to you for help regarding our SEO.

SEO, just in case you don’t know, stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

In other words, SEO means gearing websites (by a variety of means) so that they are most easily findable or discoverable by search engines – the gargantuan Google above all.

Let me explain. Optimising a website has become a science – a science for which big companies pay experts millions to ensure their websites are what you discover when you use Google.

There is a mad scramble of competition to see who can come out on top.

Running a website can be a sobering experience in this regard. One directly experiences not only the mighty power Google wields in our society, but also the intensity of the world wide (web) drive for power and attention.

Which also means to say: I witness it in my own soul, dear Reader.

For I have come to feel I must join the scramble, at least a little.

I want this website to be discoverable. I want the vision here of an alternative civilisation to our soulless secular materialism more easily seen. And yes, I want to promote my upcoming book, which is basically finished, although delayed in publication.

And so, even though I have neither vast amounts of cash to spend on SEO, nor am I able to master its increasingly intricate science, I have been taking steps towards optimising the site.

At first, I was very, very pleased. Clearly, significantly more people started discovering our site.

But I will be frank – recently I have become dispirited.

All the progress I was making started to wither away – for reasons I cannot discern.

And admitting my discouragement, I have decided to appeal to you for help.

There are three different ways I see that readers might be able to assist us. Let me list them.

Social Media Buttons

At the bottom of each post on this site, you will now find a little row of buttons to share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus:




You will now see such things popping up all over the blogosphere, of course.

Now, it is not simply sharing of individual posts that I am seeking (although I am grateful when readers do share like this, of course).

Rather it is more than that – because Google seems to be paying ever-increasing attention to ‘social signals’ like these.

Websites that are more shared or tweeted do better in SEO terms.

I therefore draw your attention to these buttons, tucked away at the bottom of each post – and ask if you will consider using them if you like a post or think it might be helpful to others.

Because, again, the more Facebook ‘shares’, ‘tweets’ and ‘plus ones’ exist for Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, the more apparently Google will ‘like’ Cor Jesu Sacratissimum. The more it helps us with SEO.

Links to this Site

Things like Facebook shares and tweets are relatively new to SEO. The old-fashioned way that Google could tell – and still does tell – if people appreciate the site is if other web masters create links to it.

So if you have a site or blog and didn’t mind giving us a link – we would be most grateful. Every new link to this site will help us SEO-wise. Thank you.

Advice and Expertise

A third way some readers might be able to help this site’s SEO is offering me any advice or expertise they had in this area. Let me be clear. I am very, very much a novice to the these things – and, alas, I find I am a slow learner when it comes to them.

Things that are incredibly obvious to some people might well take me years to discover.

This might surprise some folk – given that, in my humble opinion, our website looks rather more sophisticated than some, in terms of its design and features.

But let me say: very little of this has anything to do with me! The site has been designed and is hosted by a dear friend of mine.

I am really a naïf when it comes to these things.

Therefore, if you had anything you could contribute to my education SEO-wise, please don’t be shy!

Thank you for listening, dear Reader.



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