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On Corpus Christi and Refuting New Age Dogma

    Today it is Corpus Christi. And recently we observed at this weblog: “New Age culture moves in lockstep with the modern, liberal culture. And like that culture, it has little time for Christian understandings of the Fall, evil and sin. It tends very much to share the secular supposition of ‘Original Innocence’. Like the […]

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In the Octave of Pentecost

    From Ascension Thursday until Pentecost Sunday, the Apostles were gathered together in the Cenacle. Here they prayed over the nine days between the two great Feasts, giving rise to the first Novena. It was after this time of prayer that this miraculous event occurred. The Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the […]

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On Liturgical Abuse and Zany Catholicism

The crisis of the Church lies so largely in the modern liturgy. Liturgical abuse is leading to a modern zany form of Catholicism, from clown Masses to Masses with rock music and even KISS.

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Hilaire Belloc, St. Patrick and Catholic Ireland

The great Hilaire Belloc considers St. Patrick and the history of Catholic Ireland. A joy!

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The Holy Mass: Losing Reverence means Losing Credibility …

  Here are further extracts from my upcoming book: While a subtle (or not so subtle!) materialism gains ever-greater credence in the Church, that which is distinctly Catholic becomes sidelined. Nowhere is the situation more grave than in the attitudes towards the Eucharist. Following the Vatican Council, there was a widespread tendency to recast the […]

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Charity, Community and Caring in Catholic Ireland

On discovering uncommon caring and community in rural, Western Catholic Ireland …

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Upholding the Day of His Ascension

    I like to think of the Liturgical Year, like a system of arteries and veins – through which the Blood flows to each and every member of the Mystical Body of Christ. The Liturgical Year makes real our Catholic Faith. As we travel through the year, we experience anew the great Mysteries of […]

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The New Age Decision: Saying Yes means Saying No …

    Today, I return to an old theme of this website – the New Age movement. As I have said often here, I got caught up in the New Age, when both the movement and myself were very young. Around 1979, age 15, I began to read of the Findhorn community in northern Scotland […]

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Becoming a Clone: The Danger of Liberal Catholicism

    For today, just another short extract from my upcoming book – regarding one of the chief concerns of this website: The attitude became prevalent during the 1960s that the ‘problem’ with the Catholic Church was that it was too closed-off or even hostile to modernity in all its tolerance, diversity and pluralism. It […]

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Ireland, Holy Island …

  Here I am now in Ireland. A new home, in a new country. I am bewildered by the move, but very happy in my heart and in my soul. I have moved from my homeland, England – which has not felt like home for a long time. I was brought up by atheist parents, […]

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Encountering Catholic Ireland

Encountering Catholic Ireland … a personal journey into Irish culture.

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