The Saints: The Life of St. Dominic by Augusta T. Drane


Amazon Book Description  (with Further Comments below from Kim):

There are few biographies of St. Dominic that exist in English, but this is by far the best.

For Augusta Theodoria Drane gives here a rendition of his life, his times, his many miracles and the founding of his order that captures the spirit of the Saint that was Dominic Guzman – a man raised up by God to convert heretics, to save countless souls, and to found an order which would send a spritual tidal wave throughout the Church and around the world, one that would be felt down to our own time and that still influences us all today.

Why Kim recommends this book:

St. Dominic is very close to my heart, so this book is dear to me.

It is laid out well, in terms of chapter breakdowns, so one can easily find each aspect of Saint Dominic’s life.

Having been to Fanjeaux in southern France and followed the history of the founding of the Dominican order, it is important to note that this first Dominican convent comprised of nine young women, several of whom were Albigensian (or Cathar) converts.

St. Dominic’s work to convert the Albigensians through preaching and prayer was unsurpassed.

It was for this very reason that Our Blessed Lady came to him, presenting him with the greatest weapon of all: Her Holy Rosary.

St. Dominic seems to me to have been a walking miracle, never ceasing to give of himself for the suffering of others and I am sure never rests still. He lived, as he died, a Saint of the highest kind, a true witness to and bridge between Heaven and Earth.

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