The Saints: St. Catherine of Siena by F A Forbes


Book Description:

Here is a compact, little biography of the great Fourteenth Century Saint from the rather wonderful TAN books.

First we offer Amazon’s own book description followed by some more personal reflections below from Kim, writing at this website:

Catherine hurried to the prison with all speed.  There awaiting execution was Niccolo, a young man whose soul was in eternal danger.  Niccolo had never practiced his religion-never even made his First Communion.

When the priest went to prepare him for death, he found the young man half mad with rage and despair; he could do nothing with him.

Catherine entered the prison, approaching the prisoner with the heart of a true mother.

Niccolo’s exemplary Christian death the next morning, as a direct result of her visit, would be one of the most amazing executions ever witnessed.

Our Lord had singled out Catherine for special favors even as a child, for at that time she had seen her first vision of Him.

As a young girl expected to marry, Catherine had cut off her hair to discourage suitors, for she had vowed to take no other spouse but Christ.

Catherine’s remarkable thirty three years would include doing heroic charity, negotiating with Popes and Cardinals, convincing the Pope to return from Avignon in France to Rome, having mystical experiences, being harassed by devils, exorcising possessed persons and attracting numerous disciples who followed Catherine all over Italy, inspired by her great love for God.

This is the story of one of the greatest Saints in the Church and one of the most remarkable women in the history of the world.

Why Kim recommends this book:

I loved this slim book from TAN books.

It tells the story of one of our greatest saints and Doctor of the Church in a simple, accessible way.

It is so inspiring to read of how Saint Catherine gives of herself completely, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the salvation of souls and the cause of the Faith. So much so that she even brought the Pope back from Avignon to Rome.

Yet, she always has more to give. Ora et labora comes fully to life with this saint whose works are mighty indeed, whilst constantly retaining a sense of prayerfulness and mysticism. Astonishing!

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