Fatima The Great Sign by Francis Johnston



Fatima – The Great Sign by Francis Johnston

Let me begin with a few words I have written elsewhere at this site:

There is a truly staggering  – and relatively very recent – phenomenon within the history of the Church, which it seems to me is never given sufficient attention.

It is Fatima.

How I ask myself, can so many people ignore such an astonishingly well-documented miracle as that performed by Our Lady at Fatima – documented that is, with thousands upon thousands of eye-witness reports?!

How can one ignore a miracle predicted months beforehand, a miracle which tens of thousands turn out to see (or to mock) at an appointed time – on the thirteenth day of October 1917 – and on that appointed day are not disappointed (or instead are severely disabused of their mockery)?

How to ignore such a miracle when the secular Portugese Press writes mocking, satirical articles prior to the event and then the day after the event, is forced to report that indeed 70,000 people have witnessed a miracle?

For the Sun was seen to dance in the skies and change colours, before hurtling towards the earth …

And more, still more …

What else can one say, except perhaps to quote Pope Ven. Pius XII who put it succinctly thus:

The time for doubting Fatima is past; it is now time for action.

Dear Reader, although we perforce ‘file this’ in the reviews section at our website, this is really hardly more than just a little notice …

Fatima compels our comprehension. And along with Donal Foley’s masterpiece Marian Apparitions (reviewed in far more depth here), Francis Johnston’s thorough, well-written account of Fatima has been my most important resource for grappling with its mystery.

For the book is not only comprehensive on the Message of Fatima but also the continued revelations to Sister Lucia in the years following the 1917 events at Fatima.

For now, this is simply a little ‘stub’ – which we hope to expand at some point in the future …

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