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Valentin Tomberg, Catholic France and the Sacred Heart – More Very Personal Reflexions Part II

Further reflexions on Valentin Tomberg and the Catholic Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which commenced in Paray-le-Monial, France through the Apparitions to St Margaret Mary.

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Traditional Catholic Education: Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me …

Traditional Catholic Education: an unforgettable memory of the tradition at work in Catholic France.

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Louis Veuillot – The Liberal Illusion (Book Review)

An invaluable insight into the Catholic France of 1866 by Louis Veuillot – which is still very relevant today in terms of the Liberal Illusion.

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Valentin Tomberg, the Sacred Heart and Catholic France – More Very Personal Reflexions

Catholic France, the Sacred Heart, Valentin Tomberg and Paray-le-Monial … some very personal reflexions.

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Sacred Heart: Burning Furnace of Charity

    As I prayed the Holy Hour on Thursday night, I gazed upon this image of Our Lord. The image that I love so much, from a previous, more pious age. As I prayed, I was struck in a new and different way, by the image of His Heart, as He gently touches It, […]

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What Findhorn Could Never Give Me

A former member of the New Age Findhorn Community in Scotland looks back at what was missing ….

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Portals into the Catholic Mystery: A Very Personal Hello Again

Hello again Friends, Known and Unknown, This weblog starts up again … after months of winter. And although most of the time, I resist the temptation to very personal and informal writing at this blog – I’ll make an exception here. (Note the contractions I wouldn’t normally use). Many personal events have sharpened my awareness […]

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All Things Made New by Stratford Caldecott (Review)

Stratford Caldecott’s All Things Made New serves to wonderfully restore symbolism and numerological correspondences to the Catholic imagination.

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Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action – Thomas Massaro S. J. (Review)

A simple little primer on Catholic Social Justice …

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Cloak and Dagger by Bill Mantlo and Rick Leonardi (Review)

Catholicism in Marvel Comics – Mantlo’s heartfelt scripts, Leonardi’s art and the amount of Catholic iconography and Catholic themes make for a remarkable comic book.

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American Catholic by Charles R. Morris – a ‘Review’

Some brief considerations of American Catholic by Charles R. Morris – a book that perhaps tells us almost as much about the passion of Catholic Ireland as it does Catholic America …

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Book Review: Padre Pio: The True Story

The astonishing story of Padre Pio moved me to tears.

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DVD Review: Daredevil

Catholicism and the superhero: A Marvel comic book movie replete with Catholic themes and iconography.

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Book Review: The Key of the Mysteries

As I have recently explained elsewhere, I have decided to place at this site some old reviews I originally wrote for Amazon, concerned with Eliphas Lévi. And as I have further explained there, I do place them here with a warning Caveat Lector. For while there is much that is beautiful in the mature Eliphas […]

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Eliphas Lévi by Thomas A Williams (Review)

A review of Thomas William’s heartfelt biography of Eliphas Levi – a jewel!

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O Eliphas Lévi …

On Eliphas Lévi, Counter-Revolution, Valentin Tomberg and more …

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