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Traditional Catholic graphic

Traditional Catholic graphic by Bellator Dei

Just a very personal little notice to say that Kim and I warmly thank whichever unknown friends in America have been using the Amazon links to support this site.

It means a lot to us.

Speaking very personally, I hope I am aware of the potential for vanity in asking for this support.

Why should this project be so important to anyone, apart from its authors?

For now, all I will say is that for myself, this project is not a hobby. It represents my life’s blood. It represents what I feel I most need to be doing with my life.

There are quite a number of new directions, which Kim and I want to find time and funds to do.

Thus support really does help us.

There is also moral and emotional support. We are very aware that this is a controversial site. One which although it hopes to support traditional Catholicism may upset traditional Catholics. One which may also irritate liberal Catholics, New Agers, Anthroposophists, right and left wing alike …

We are trying to bring different worlds together here. These are planets which rarely ever meet. And it seems to us, they need to – for the sake of the world.

Still, it is a site that would seem to win few natural friends. People tend to be polarised in different camps. Some of my best friends are really upset by what we write here.

It is not easy and your gestures of support do mean something. Thank you.

In the meantime, those of you following this site will be seeing some small changes here, at any rate.

From Roger Buck. Click to buy from Amazon worldwide!


Posts will be going up more regularly in all the blogs here. Kim’s, mine, the Reviews, and the new one: Imago.

To help with keeping track, there is now a Recent Posts section in your upper left.

And lastly the technological moron (yours truly) running this site is finally figuring out how to get a digital photo onto a computer and then uploaded to this site.

A LOT more imagery will soon be appearing here.

Hopefully most of it will be relevant to the post in question. But in cases like this one, it’s hard to find a relevant image.

For the record, the image here is one which I recently inserted into the French Fragments series (starting here). Photos are being added to that whole series.

One our last journey through France, my visit to this little, unknown church in the Vendée moved me for life …

Word of this is also in the French Fragments.

And here at this site, we want to do so much more to evoke your (nearly buried) memory and your legacy, O Catholic France!

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