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Ingres and Catholic France

Ingres: that great French painter from the time and place that so clutches at my heart: Nineteenth Century Catholic France! The Nineteenth Century. It is not so long ago. My grandfather was born in the Nineteenth Century. He even saw the Queen: Victoria, Monarch of the British Empire upon “which the sun never set” … […]

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Warm Gratitude to Whomever You Are …

Expressing warm gratitude to friends unknown …

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Symbols and Imagery in the Sacred Heart Devotion Part 1: Origins

First part of a series discussing symbols and imagery in the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Valentin Tomberg, Catholic Tradition and the Counter-Revolution (Part IX)

    In this series, we have been considering the tragic sense of cultural degeneration, expressed in Valentin Tomberg’s legal and political Catholic works. I have also tried to highlight Tomberg’s departure from Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and conversion to Catholicism. Yet the suggestion has been made that continuities with Steiner persist into Tomberg’s later writings – […]

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Imago: Things to come …

The Sacré Coeur de Montmartre in Paris. Basilica of continuous Eucharistic Adoration, built by Catholic France to honour the request from the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary …

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Valentin Tomberg, Catholic Tradition and the Counter-Revolution (Part VIII)

In the last entry, I quoted Valentin Tomberg as to the following: “The French Revolution was but a stepping stone – a stepping stone that demonstrated with alarming clarity the great trend of revolutions which began with humanism in the Fourteenth Century, then resulted via the Reformation in the Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century, which […]

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Valentin Tomberg, Catholic Tradition and the Counter-Revolution (Part VII)

In this series, we will be turning in more depth towards both the Christian Hermeticism and the Catholic legal-political vision of Valentin Tomberg. Yes in time, we shall address these much more fully. But something is necessary first. For as we indicated in the last entry, both of the above – Tomberg’s Catholic legal-political thinking […]

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The Great Nineteenth

By Gary Potter     Foreword (from Roger Buck): We are very thankful that this fascinating, rich and insightful piece has been made available to us through the Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike License. (For more regarding attribution, please see notes at the end of this essay. As described there, very small modifications have […]

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Valentin Tomberg, Catholic Tradition and the Counter Revolution (Part VI)

We have been considering the notion of the decay of civilisation in Valentin Tomberg’s writing. And in this series, it is being suggested that Valentin Tomberg’s Catholic works are a twofold response – legal and hermetic – of an authentic genius and saint (albeit uncanonised) to world degeneration. Now the idea of degeneration into materialism […]

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Lazarus Come Forth by Valentin Tomberg (Review)

  The first part here is a slightly-edited version of a review I wrote for Amazon some years back … This book – I am incapable of thinking of it as anything other than one of the greatest books of the twentieth century. My writing of these words is very, very personal. Though I never […]

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Partaking in His Fatal Sadness

Saint Margaret Mary before the Sacred Heart – from Tuam Cathedral, Ireland. Design: Joshua Clarke. Photograph courtesy Andreas F. Borchert under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 license. The practice of praying the Holy Hour began with the words Our Lord spoke to St Margaret Mary in Paray-le-Monial, when He said: “Every Thursday night, I shall give you a […]

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