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Book Review: Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene

  For centuries now, our world has been increasingly filled by purely humanistic culture. And the majority of what we regard as great literature turns on very worldly themes. In the novels of Jane Austen or E. M. Forster, for instance, we do not have profound explorations of Divine Grace in our lives, nor matters […]

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Judgment, the New Age and the Christian Difference

I had a dream of infidelity this night. Were I to bear the contents of this dream, the response of many I suppose would be: “So what? It was only a dream.” In the dream, in fact, it was “only” a few moments of infidelity. I pulled back and perhaps began a somewhat partial and […]

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Bob Geldof and the Divine Power of Jesus Christ

Bob Geldof – forever haunted by the Power of Catholic Mystery?

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On the Traditional Latin Mass, Liturgical Abuse and Suffering …

On the traditional Latin Mass and suffering liturgical abuse as a traditional Catholic …

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Bound in Time and Culture: The “Universal” New Age

As I said in a comment to my last entry, I felt very, very heartened by a comment from Aaron here. In a departure from my usual, slightly more formal approach, I want to use this space to engage with your thinking, Aaron. First, I’d like to quote you – albeit with some editing. The […]

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