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If people only knew …

For two days running, circumstances led me to miss Mass. This is very unusual for me and, accustomed as I am to daily Mass, its absence was very noticeable.

I suppose some reading this might consider my hearing Mass daily as some kind of zealous, pious dutifulness. If they only knew …

And of course, the Church Herself only declares as obligatory Sunday Mass and Holy Days.

Why do I go to Mass daily, then? It is not because of pious duty I confess, but more pure self -interest. Wont as I am to daily Mass – it hurts not to go.

These two days had a certain pain. As though I had been severed from a subtle, but sustaining, current of joy that I have become accustomed to all the time. Missing Mass two days in a row produced a heightened sense of loss.

And then was heightened my sense of gratitude and joy when I felt re-united with Christ and His Church.

Now, I want to add something to this brief personal burst from my heart, which may strike some as even stranger than the above.

Much of the time, I also suffer going to daily Mass. I suffer because of the frequent inanity of the Novus Ordo. I confess with the Novus Ordo, I want a quick twenty-five minute Mass.

The Tridentine Mass by contrast is a joy.

But as I am not in a position to get to a Mass daily that is Fully Reverent, I endure the Novus Ordo frequently. It would hurt me too much not to. Even suffering the worst Novus Ordo still yields joy.

If people only knew … this sustaining joy.

What would our world be like?

More in this Video on the Same Paradox and more …

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  1. Posted 3 March 2010 at 20:27 | Permalink

    your faith is strong .you are in my prayers.god bless you and god bless the pope. philip.

  2. roger
    Posted 5 March 2010 at 17:34 | Permalink

    Philip, thank you for this unexpected kind encouragement again and prayers! After finding your comment yesterday, I found myself last night in the Holy Hour praying for you as well and will continue. And I join you in your prayer for the Pope, this lonely, heroic figure, so misunderstood, often so reviled by a tunnel-visioned world, so in need of all our prayers for his mission …

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