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The Death Cult Progeny of the Enlightenment III

  At the end of preceding segment, I turned to the subject of hope. For I share a world with many who are losing hope as to the sustainability of our present civilisation. And as I have written earlier in this little series, I myself have little hope in the prospects of creating an ultimately […]

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When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten (Review)

A Great Tree Trunk for understanding Corporate Control and the Idols of Modern Secular Civilisation.

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Thank you, Friend(s) Unknown (You know who you are)

Just a little whisper now … We have links to Amazon with a request to help this work. Until lately, these were hardly used, but just recently someone or some ones, presumably in America, started using them. Whoever you are Unknown Friend(s), I want to say: we are grateful. This site is being born in […]

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Everybody´s Fine?

Returning from Holy Mass recently one morning, I felt very sad. I found myself sitting opposite a large poster advert for a film called Everybody´s Fine. The poster, like most forms of advertising, is designed to draw people in and it is successful. I found it difficult not to look at it – it took […]

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Valentin Tomberg: The Impoverishment of Protestantism

Valentin Tomberg warns strongly of the impoverishing effects of the Protestant Reformation.

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The Enlightenment: Stripped and Naked We Die

Stripped and naked, we die. Were you to ask me, dear Reader, for a five word précis of my last entry at this weblog, I doubt I could do much better than that. For the point of that entry was that the fruits of the Enlightenment had left us stripped, stripped of the very things […]

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Every Secret Misery and Silent Agony

    Bursting in me: I have spoken of Paray-le-Monial in France, where His Most Sacred Heart once was seen, blazing like the sun. Paray-le-Monial, where lived St Margaret Mary … And I have mentioned, how while bearing heavy suffering, I felt held and bathed in the love of that Most Sacred Heart, which still […]

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The Death Cult Progeny of the Enlightenment

Is the only means for saving human civilisation through the restoration of the lost authority of the Church? Is the only means of restoring the lost authority of the Church through the undoing of so, so much that happened in the wake of Vatican II? Whatever the merit of these questions and however bizarre they […]

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We All Suffer because We are Fallen … And Yet There is Hope

My little dog suffers, part of fallen Creation. The woman upstairs suffers because she is fallen. The man in the street suffers because he is fallen. We all suffer because we are fallen. My husband suffers because his mother screamed at him. She suffered because her father beat her mother. I suffer because my mother […]

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