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The Strange Joy and Power of Catholicism

On the strange power and joy of Catholicism … mysteriously holding even angry, alienated Catholics.

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Reflections on Evil and the New Age Movement …

A former New Ager from Findhorn looks at the New Age movement’s problem with evil.

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New Age Self-Sufficiency and Christian Relationship (and Redemption)

While the New Age emphasises self-sufficiency, the Christian seeks relationship and redemption.

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The Rise of Benedict XVI by John L Allen Jr. (Review)

Review of the Rise of Benedict XVI – exceptional journalism from John L. Allen Jr to counter media stereotypes of Catholicism and Benedict XVI.

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Unfinished Personal/Global Musings III (Valentin Tomberg on Law and the Goddess Economy)

What kind of civilisation is it, that could result in the most unimaginable scale of loss as that suggested by Global Warming? Is it arguably not a civilisation which has placed certain goods – or gods – above all else? For example, the exterior good of scientific progress over and above the interior good of […]

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Unfinished Personal/Global Musings II (Valentin Tomberg on Disintegration – Death)

My last web entry tried to introduce the personal context within which I try to grapple with Global Warming. It is the context, as I said, of a practising Catholic aspiring to deep, regular Sacramental Communion. It is also that of ongoing study of Catholic Tradition and the history of the transition from a Western […]

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