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Unfinished Personal/Global Musings Part I (Introduction)

Authority … one has authority or competence to speak about something the more consciously and fully one has experienced it. In writing of things New Age for example, I feel a certain degree of confidence, given that I have had long, intimate involvement with this phenomena. I completely identified with the New Age movement for […]

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New Age Denial of the Fall

Living with family at the moment in this Spanish town, filled with New Age oriented folk, means that I am being repeatedly confronted with New Age ideologies. In this world I am experiencing, is a powerful sense of idealising the positive and undermining the negative. Recently, I heard two people talking, about some very painful […]

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Catholic Ireland, O Catholic Ireland!

Catholic Ireland changed my life forever. Catholic Ireland gave me what I never could see all those years in secular America and England.

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Global Warming and Catholic Response

In 1891, Pope Leo XIII brought forth the encyclical Rerum Novarum. It was a milestone in the Catholic Tradition, inaugurating a new era of Papal Social Encyclicals responding to the social injustice of the modern world. The latest being the magisterial Caritas in Veritate of His Holiness Benedict XVI. In Rerum Novarum Leo XIII challenged […]

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