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Valentin Tomberg: The Judas Kiss of Demythologisation

In my last weblog entry, I made reference to the materialism of the liberal Protestant theology of the likes of Rudolf Bultmann. And I noted briefly that this materialism had now tragically made its way into Catholicism, as well. Thus do I recall the teaching of a certain Jesuit, who explained the Crucifixion in terms […]

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Just the Facts, Ma’am

When I was a teenager in America, an evangelical Christian friend tried to convert me. He assured me that heaven would be made of gold. A city literally made of gold … I pressed him. What would we be living in? Golden houses came the reply. What would we travel in? Golden cars. Everything would […]

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Findhorn, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and the New Age Movement

As a former member of the New Age community of Findhorn – and now a convert to Catholicism – I see the Hidden Unity of the New Age that was never obvious until I became a Catholic.

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It´s the Epistemology, Stupid!

Epistemology is at the root of the world crisis. Must remember that, stupid!

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The Traditional Latin Mass: Becoming Awake to Holy Mystery

The Latin Mass can awaken one to the true reality and mystery of the Holy Mass. A priest tells of his discovery through learning the Triaditional Mass

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Heart of the Redeemer by Timothy T. O’Donnell (Review)

THE comprehensive book in English on the Sacred Heart Devotion is reviewed here. Piously beautiful and academically rich at the same time by Timothy T. O’Donnell, president of Christendom Colege

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