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New Age Temptation: ‘Find your Inner Church’

In the New Age movement, one is discouraged from the Church. The temptation is to find one’s ‘Inner Church’. Yet the New Age understands nothing at all about the Church …

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Findhorn and the New Age: No Concepts, Please!

A former Findhorn member tells how the supposedly tolerant “holistic” New Age demands very much of us indeed …

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Materialism, Truth and the Catholic Mystery

Recently here, I reported how moved I once was by the words of Latin Mass priest in Ireland who regretted a contemporary tendency in the Church to de-emphasise the need for the Sacrament of Confession. His point was that people who availed themselves less often of this Sacrament, availed themselves less of the “Sanctifying Grace” […]

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Sanctifying Grace … “on Tap”

Once when I lived in Ireland, I knew a priest devoted to the traditional Latin Mass, who moved me deeply on occasion. And another thing that moved me in Catholic Ireland were the Catholic newspapers there. Now the two came together once, when one of these journals featured an interview with this traditional priest. The […]

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What Happens?

What happens? When life’s most profound and important matters … matters which all people variously name as beauty, morality, love, mystery and the Sacred … Are no longer treated as such by the culture around us? Because they cannot be empirically proven and established as having anything beyond relative, subjective or private value? What happens […]

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Look at Me! Buy Me! Buy Me! Buy Me!

Pray for us fallen marketers. With gratitude to Bellator Dei for graphic. Some Personal/Global observations … Those following this website may have noticed a difference by now: the appearance of Amazon advertising in a project that expresses its concerns, grave concerns, about the rise of global materialism and global capitalism. For my own part, what […]

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Circle of Friends (Review)

Circle of Friends with Minnie Driver and Chris O’Donnell is a flawed, they fond Evocation of Catholic Ireland

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Valentin Tomberg turns to the LIFE of the Church …

More about Tomberg’s conversion and his Catholic Jurisprudence …

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